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Displaying zoom list-Using Windows display settings

I recently had to use system restore.  :(  Prior to that, I used to have a zoom list (by percentages) on the lower right corner of my screen.  Now it is gone.  I have gone to tools=internet options=advanced to click the  "use windows display settings on
web page controls" as instructed by "help" but the option is not there.   I have also right clicked on the to bar to customize it but the zoom list is not there either.
 How can I turn my zoom list back on?
Key to Displaying zoom list-Using Windows display settings:
Ooo, I was afraid you'd say that.

     How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if a later version of Internet Explorer is installed


Per the above, you should have uninstalled IE7
before doing the Repair Install. Since you didn't, Windows (and IE) is in a "confused state" and your only recourse now is a "clean install."

You will want to print these instructions for offline reference

Back-up any personal data then do a format & clean install of Windows.  Please note that another Repair Install (AKA in-place upgrade) will NOT fix this!

After the clean install, you'll have the equivalent of a "new computer" so take care of everything on the following page before otherwise connecting the machine to the internet or a network and before using a USB key that isn't brand-new or hasn't been freshly
     5 steps to help protect your new computer before you go online
Other helpful references include:
HOW TO get a computer running WinXP Gold (no Service Packs) fully patched (after a clean install)
HOW TO get a computer running WinXP SP1(a) or SP2 fully patched (after a clean install)

TIP: If your computer came with an anti-virus free-trial preinstalled, it will be reinstalled (but invalid) after doing the clean install.
You must uninstall the free trial, download/run the appropriate removal tool (if necessary; see below), and reboot
before you install a replacement anti-virus application.

Norton Removal Tool

McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool (only do Steps #1 and #2)

NB: If a Norton or McAfee free-trial is preinstalled and you want to install another application by the same provider (e.g., Norton 360; McAfee VirusScan Plus), you MUST uninstall the free-trial & run the removal tool before installing a new application from
the same provider.

Good luck.
Sorry I didn't have better news for you.

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (IE, Mail, Security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ Disclaimer: MS MVPs neither represent nor work for Microsoft

Shut down the programs which are running in the background - Displaying zoom list-Using Windows display settings

Part of the reason why old desktop take so long to start and various errors is because of all the programs you've installed. Reducing the number of applications which start-up when Windows boots enables you to get to the desktop faster and increases the memory available.

At the right side of the taskbar, click the arrow to display the notification icons. Each is a program that loads with Windows. Some are essential - antivirus software for example - but others may not be. Right click each one and if there is a Settings menu, select it and turn off the option to start automatically with Windows. Some programs, such as Google Drive, can be manually started when they are needed instead of running all the time.

Check if hardware is working properly

If you still receive Displaying zoom list-Using Windows display settings error message after you perform a clean installation of your Operating System, it's certain that this error should be caused by a bad hardware. You can test each piece of hardware devices and find out and then replace the problematic one.

Still didn't fix it? Displaying zoom list-Using Windows display settings

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