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2 GIG SD Cards and Windows 7 64 Bit Puzzler???

Hi everyone,

I use a number of devices (Cameras & MP3 Players & other devices) that only allow a
I also have 3 PC's.
One running Win 98SE, 1 running XP Pro 32 Bit, and 1 running Win 7 64Bit.
If I take the 2 GIG SD card & format it in either the
Win 98SE PC or the XP PC I get around 1.8 to 1.9 Meg but if I format
THAT SAME SD CARD in Windows 7 I
ONLY get around 900 (and something) Meg.
How do I get the extra Meg back??? I need this extra space for movies and music...

Someone told me that possibly ReadyBoost was the culprit but I'm not sure.
What I'm wondering is if MicroSoft somehow changed the Format Code in Windows 7 64 Bit that eats up the extra space and if so, is there a patch or fix for this problem???

Anyone have
ANY ideas on how to fix this???


Key to 2 GIG SD Cards and Windows 7 64 Bit Puzzler???:
When formatting, only two options should be available NTFS and Fat32.
First choose NTFS for formatting the SD Cards.  Let it format the SD card.
Once the formatting is completed using NTFS.Go and format it again but this time using FAT32.
I would suggest you to format the Card from the Disk Management
Steps to format SD card from Disk Management
a.    Click Start and go to Control Panel.
b.    Click Administrative Tools and then click Computer Management
c.    When that window opens you can click on Disk Management and find the device in the drive viewer.
d.    Then you can right click on the drive and select Format and see if using this utility from the Disk Management helps resolve your issue.
You might also try going back to the manufacturer to see if they have a support document or utility that will reformat the drive to original specifications.

 You may also refer the following article.
You may also try to update the drivers for the SD card reader.You may refer the following link.
Hope it helps.

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