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20 Minute boot time in fresh Windows 7 install


Yesterday I installed Windows 7 on my brother's PC.
He had been using Vista previously.
Upon booting to the installer, the "Starting Windows" screen would appear with the animated windows logo.
This screen took 20 minutes of waiting to get past, so for ages
I thought it wasn't going to work at all.
Eventually I left it on long enough to get through to the first stage of installation.
Everything went ok during install, I formatted the single partition on the HDD and told Win7 to install there.
The next two times the install had to restart the computer, the huge delay on getting past the "Starting Windows"
screen remained (keep in mind this is before/during the install).
Vista had no such issues with boot times.
And now that Windows 7 is installed, the boot issues remain, even after installing all available windows updates, updating graphics/mobo/sound/mouse/keyboard
drivers, etc.
I have checked the Event Log as I have read that you can diagnose possible boot problems in there, but there doesn't appear to be any Boot Events logged, all I see in the Diagnostics-Performance log are Shutdown events.

Specs are as follows:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM
Core 2 Quad 2.8Ghz
500GB Samsung SATA 7200rpm HDD
Nvidia 9800GTX
XFX nForce 780i SLI Motherboard (BIOS ver.

I have tried many things to fix it, such as removing various RAM modules, enabling/disabling various BIOS settings relating to USB/IDE (I don't use any IDE devices but thought I'd try)/RAID etc (also don't have my single HDD in RAID).
If there is any other
information I can give, please let me know.
These boot times are crazy and I would very much like them to go away


Key to 20 Minute boot time in fresh Windows 7 install:
I took a quick look at it myself, and though i'm not familiar with this tool, it's pretty obvious to me that the problem lies with the ACPI.sys driver taking over 1000 seconds (~17 minutes) to load/initialize.
This is correct.
The Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System takes
1009864 msec to initialize.
Have you installed the latest nForce drivers? Are you using the latest BIOS? Windows requires ACPI to operate.

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